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What’s Considered Disco Dancing?

Everyone has heard of Disco dancing, but does everyone know what Disco really is? The thoughts of Disco bring up a variety of images in our minds. Everything from the move Saturday Night Fever, the famous Studio 54 Discotheque, and even Disco Demolition in Chicago remind us of the huge Disco movement that was taking place in the 1970s. Disco, however, was considered more than a dance – it was a movement. It can be described as a genre of dance music and a subculture that emerged from the urban nightlife scene. The Disco sound is characterized by four-on-the-floor beats, syncopated bass lines, brass and horns, electric piano and guitars, plus synthesizers.

Do the Hustle

The Hustle was actually a catch-all name for some of the disco dances which were popular back in the 1970s. Today, however, it refers to a specific, unique 4 step partner dance done to upbeat music. The Hustle has features in common with Mambo, Salsa and Swing dances. The Hustle is definitely the go-to dance for modern wedding receptions, retirement parties, etc. Bands and DJs always seem to play popular “4 step” songs that just scream Hustle!

Common Disco Dance Moves for Beginners

  1. The Disco Finger
    This is a very iconic move. It’s considered the signature move for Disco after being popularized by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. The Disco Finger doesn’t use much of the body from your knees down. Instead, the focus is on just the hips and one hand.

    • Extend your index finger (of either hand).
    • Move the same hand upward and downward in a diagonal movement.
    • At the same time, thrust your hips from side to side.

    It’s a fairly simple move.

  2. Disco Globe

  3. Double Arm Swing
    There are two counts to the Double Arm Swing. Your starting position is a quarter turn to your left side with your left foot.

    • On the first count, put out your chest and toss your right arm forward and into the air. At the same time, swing your left arm backward.
    • On the second count, bend your knee and drop your hip as you swing your right arm downward and to your back. Swing your left arm forward and upward.
  4. The Snap
    The Snap has also been known as the “Hip Check”. It emphasizes movement in the hips area.

    • Start with your feet being in-line with your hips.
    • Shift your hips to the right, then snap your fingers using your right hand.
    • Next, with your hip to the left, bend your knees, and immediately swing your right hips to the right.
    • Straighten up your legs and swing your hips to the left again.
    • Repeat.
  5. The Bump
    When it’s time to do The Bump – signal your dance partner, swing one side of your hip towards your partner’s and bump it! Quickly swing your body to the opposite direction and bump the other side of your hips, then repeat!

    Of course, if these moves sound a bit difficult, or you need to see it to believe it – we can help you! If you’re in the NW Indiana area and interested in The Hustle or other dance lessonsContact us today!